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I debated on sharing this one and may be just getting it in last minute, but as an aspiring counselor I felt I could not let May pass by without saying something about Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a short “poem” I wrote for those who are struggling with some form of mental illness. We have all been there, whether it be a mild form of depression, anxiety, outbursts of uncontrolled anger, or something more severe. You are never alone, and there is always help for those who need it.

There’s a darkness there, and no one can touch it.

It will eat you alive and leave you writhing within the confines of your own mind.

You feel powerless to stop it.

They place names upon you, slangs like “crazy”

And hang diagnoses on you like you’re a doll to be clothed with dx’s and tx’s.

The pills are hard to swallow

And the darkness drums on, victorious in your head.

So you withdraw, un-invite Hope because you think she won’t show anyway,

Never letting the darkness out for others to see

You are lonely


Playing a game of chess with your own mind and it’s always stalemate

You think the darkness knows you better than you do

Take another pill, hide,




And this becomes your life, this endless nightmare that leaves you desperate


Choking on your own lies of “I’m ok”

Because that’s better than the pills and the looks and the stigma

And the shame you have no reason to carry

No one tells you that you are not alone

The darkness, it hides in everyone

Battles rage in millions everyday




A word you think ill-defines you

But like the mad hatter says, we are all a little mad

And what is normal, anyway, because we are all broken

So don’t give up

Don’t hide

Don’t pretend

And always



You are not alone.