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I abandoned this blog for a while, setting my sights on a goal I have had for my writing for a few years now. While I was away the world erupted.







And the crisis of refugees wars on and people are on both sides looking out and not really sure what to do.

Most want some kind of balance, between helping and being wary.

Many want complete abandonment, complete lack of trust and fear taking over.

I get both of them.


When I look at the face of that sweet little boy face down in the sand, the women holding their children and crying, some even threatening to make their way in to a foreign land, young men stereotyped because they fit the description of the enemy, I just can’t shake my head with the rest of them and say, “No.”

Some said that the dead child on the sand was just a political ploy, something staged to trick the letting in of the enemy. Whether it was a ploy or really a desperate risk of escape, the fact remains that there was a dead boy the world saw over and that is a problem itself.

Just like there is a problem of girls being taken from their villages and America wants to start a hashtag campaign but what really brought them home were the men of their military that finally mustered courage and said, “We must do this ourselves.” Because no one was coming. Those girls, whose innocent wombs were forced to fill with innocent lives came home with bulging bellies and hollow eyes because of the horrors they endured. And that is just the ones that came home.

The world is weeping, crying loud and we are deafened by our own comfort.

We sometimes forget that God calls Israel a blessed nation. Israel is God’s chosen nation, not America.

When Jesus tells the people to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God is what is God’s, He is talking about more than just money. He is talking about what bears the image of the maker, the ruler. The coin bears the image of Caesar.

People bear the image of God.

When we turn away from our fears and discomfort we turn away from the image of God, from those just like us that may not have an opportunity like us to know a Savior. We may be their last chance and we deny them that. I deny those children the privilege my own have in knowing Jesus and His power and saving grace.

When I see a neighbor in need, globally or locally, and I turn away, I deny Imago Dei the chance to see their true image. I deny love to them.

If I cannot abide in love but instead abide in fear how can God abide in me?

Fear is a great motivator but perfect love casts out all fear and makes the impossible possible.

Salvation is for our friend and foe alike, for sin is sin and all fall short of the glory of God but through Christ we can all be redeemed. Instead of fear and trembling and the call for shutting out those legitimately in need of help for fear of the enemy slipping in, we Christians need to fall down on our knees and faces and pray. Because the enemy is all around, is here already, roaming and seeking. People are not the enemy. Instruments of violence and lost in the darkness of the fallen world, yes. But prayer to a living God can overcome all.

Should we be wise in our actions and in our interactions? Yes; God does not call us to be foolish. And while there are no clear cut answers one thing is sure: history can and will repeat itself if fear is allowed to invade.

Pray for peace. Pray for understanding, wisdom, guidance, and above all, love. Pray for salvation, for hope to the lost souls. Pray for our leaders, and the ones that will be our leaders soon enough.

Jesus calls us to “Go.” He does not call for us to sit idly by or withdraw. He calls us to be active, to live out our faith.

Our faith is in God, not fear. And where God is, fear cannot stand.