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Sometimes you get news left and right and up and down and you just want to pause time. There are times when there is so much around you and feel like you are on the outside looking in. You admire the strength, comfort the broken, and all the while pray.

(And that really is the key to it all.)

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any good news. Sometimes there just seems to be one hit after another after another, whether pelting you or those you love. Life gets fierce. Life gets frustrating. Life inevitably asks the questions for you that you fear to speak aloud.

What if….

You look back on your own past, see the what ifs in your life and how those turned out. Sometimes you pray that those same outcomes happen here and now, one more time. Others you plead to God that they don’t.

Life keeps moving and it can be a nauseating speed at times while feeling like a crawl as you wait for answers.

Sometimes you see the ones who stand strong. Sometimes you have to be the one that is strong. Most times you are holding your breath.

All the while we hold the key, right in our hearts, often whispered, not daring to speak it aloud.

-Oh, but how He wants to hear us!-

God longs for our prayers, to hear us acknowledge what it is that we want, what we need.

Because in the end, it all comes down to what we need. And what we need is Life, Living Hope. What we need is Jesus.

Because in the end, we are not enough, cannot do enough, cannot be enough.

And we have seen God move and we think it is so amazing. We get excited and want to see more. But when the waiting comes and we have to be still and not just see Him move but simply know Him, to be in His presence, we balk.

In the moments when God asks us to be still and invites us in, we  often become deflated and frustrated. Yet it is in these moments we are given the opportunity to seek God and not just His benefits, to be in relation with the Mover and not just the movements. It is here in the quiet that His whispered Voice is heard, where we know the plans He has for us.

God is a fully relational Being, one who longs to commune and interact. He is not a magician with cheap tricks and something to prove- in fact, He has nothing to prove. And the beauty of it all is that neither do we.

God just wants us and wants us to want Him- not His hand or His blessings or His favor- just Him. And that is more than enough.

When you feel that there is no good news, feel that there are immovable mountains before you, feel that the movement has stopped, remember God has never stopped moving for us. He has never stopped orchestrating have minute detail, every step and every breath.

When you feel there is no good news, remember that there is always prayer. It is not a last resort, it is the first thing. It is the rest, the peace, the fulfillment. It is the good news.

Because in prayer is where we find God, where we enter into His presence and seek His face. In prayer is where we are glued together when we feel we may fall apart, where we are renewed by the Holy Spirit, praying with us and for us.

When it feels like there is no good news, remember that there is always good news. There is always good news because God is always good, He cannot change, and He is always working for our good.

Sometimes you can just sit back and marvel at the hand of God. The good news keeps coming.

Other times you have to move into the good news, move into His presence, and just know that He is good. He is holy. He is right and righteous and He is in control.

So when it feels like the good news is hard to find? Pray. Pray until Jesus reassures your heart and soul with His love. He promises to be with us.

And His promises never fail.