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I have been thinking a lot on what it means to have faith, what it means to really believe that God will say what He says He will do. All those promises in the Bible, the ones I have been seeking out and writing out since February, do I really have the faith to believe it?

This is what I was thinking until I came across what the actual Hebrew interpretation of faith means.

It turned everything around.

I realized, I was using the word faith grammatically incorrectly, which in turn meant I was definitional-ly using the word wrong.

All this time, I thought faith was something I could hold onto, a noun, a thing. Faith in God, faith in His good work, faith in something because it was something I could place into another, a noun.


The Hebrew language does not define faith as a noun.

It is a verb.

An action.

Faith is something that you do, something you use, something you put to work.

Faith without works is dead, not because it is a noun that feeds on works but because it cannot be a verb, an action, a living force without work.

By faith, Moses led the people. By faith, Noah built the arc. By faith, we pray.

Faith is the catalyst but is also how we accomplish hard things through God, because it is an action.

Not in faith, but by faith. Just like by running, we move faster. By reading, we learn. We don’t say in running or in reading or in eating.

Faith is a movement. A movement in God that says, I believe in You and I am going to believe it by ­­­­­______.

It is not Name-It, Claim-It, Believe-It and Receive-It. It is simply, I move by faith.

Because I believe, because I have faith, I will say to that mountain, be moved.

It is not in the action of saying it, not in the action of visualizing it, not in what comes after because we said it. It is in the activation of faith resulting in words spoken, prayers prayed, belief sown.

My faith is not in works, not in the belief that if I am good enough, work hard enough, be kind enough, and give enough away that I will be saved. My belief is in the living faith testified in my acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord and Savior. This faith is evident in the way I walk, in the way I stumble and still know there is grace enough (and praise Jesus for that), and in the way I treat others.

My faith is in motion when I love others like Jesus loves them, when I forgive, when I serve, when I humble myself. My faith moves when I move myself to the side and recognize the sovereignty of God and my total dependence on Him for every need. My faith moves and is alive when my works are a testimony of my faith and take the limelight off of me and onto Jesus.

Faith is a verb. It is action. Not idly sitting back, stating you have it. Because if you are not moving then your faith isn’t either. And it doesn’t have to be that you are moving in a positive direction; questioning God, seeking His face when you don’t understand and being a little angry or sad or both but still knowing He is going to work it all out? That is faith too, because you are still moving in your relationship with Him.

So move. Move in closer to Him that orchestrates, move by faith to His call.


How will you move?