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We had studied this verse a few months back in our group, back when we began Ephesians:

“In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.” (1:13)

And one friend spoke up and said how she loved that verse, could envision a big ink stamp stamping us right on the head. She enacted stamping in the air and I could just about see the ink, saying “sealed.”

And we all talked about being sealed with the Holy Spirit and I always envisioned the old melted wax seals on an envelope and inside contained the mysteries of God. Like a love letter to our souls, delivered by the Holy Spirit.

Time went on and we had a 2-day event and there I was challenged to seek out the promises of the Bible. And one speaker said there were 133 but the more I researched- unless talking about specific topics- the more I found. Lots more. And as I study each promise I go back to the root words and what they mean, these promises.

One week in and this verse comes back to me and I click on the word “sealed” to see what it says.

Four meanings, each a different one. Each one significant.

The Greek word?


To set a seal upon:

Securing from Satan

To keep secret

Mark as a stamp, confirm/authenticate

I didn’t get much further in my study. This one word had captivated me and its meaning left me thinking of what it means to be sealed with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, who is likened to rushing wind.

To fire.

To conviction.

To a blanket of glory.

Something(One) wild and uncontrollable and soft and guiding all at once.

-Would settle over me, seal me?-

But yet, it all makes sense.

He is fierce and strong to protect me from Satan, to guard my heart and mind and soul and body. Not just protect, which would imply constant defending, but to secure, to put away out of any harm’s reach.

To keep secret.

I love this, feel a smile creep up when I read it. It reminds me of how God says He is jealous for me. A secret to be kept hidden away until it can be revealed in its full glory. When the day comes that I stand before God and all things are made known. The secret things He whispers to my heart, dreams and passions. His love letter to me.

Mark as a stamp- here I see my friend again, stamping the air- see something like the crosses of ash for Ash Wednesday- the marking of “they are Mine” on His people.

And when God seals us with the Holy Spirit? He confirms us, authenticates us. Recognizes us as His, a design made by Him, authentic and unique to Him as His creation. I can barely write these words, the humbling before His glory of what that means, that love of a Creator to deem us worthy to be called His, for Him to say, “Yes, I made her. She is mine- look my seal is on her, she is authentic, a one-of-a-kind. Confirmed to be made in My image. See, there is the Holy Spirit sealed upon her.”

A love I have to let sink in because this revelation stirs up that feeling of being embraced, of entering in. Because when He calls you His and you accept it, understand it to the best of your human self? It’s kind of like opening that love letter.

Sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Secure. A secret. Authenticated.

In Him, for Him.

It gives me a new perception of the Holy Spirit, a better understanding of the Trinity. He is a Helper, a lifelong companion for us sealed with Him. God truly never leaves us nor forsakes us for we are sealed with Him. Secure. Secret. Authentic.

There is truly no other love like this.