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There are so many people of faith to look up to, to aspire to have faith like theirs, to live a bold and courageous life. So often we hear people say they want to be brave like Joshua, bold like Esther, a heart like David, a passion like Paul. And we all know and understand that we each have a personal relationship with God and it is not that we want to be these people, just that we wish we could borrow some of their attributes when we struggle with our own faith.  The Bible is full of individuals and there are many that came after that have paved the way for bold living for God and faith in Christ.

And all I can think is I want faith like Moses.

Moses, who did not know who he was, that he was part of a chosen generation and was set apart to bring deliverance to his people. The same Moses that ran away from his sin but was called by name by God Himself, who never made mention of his sins and yet Moses still questioned that God would choose him. The same Moses that did not get to enter into the promise land because of disobedience and taking credit for the miracle God did.

Yeah, that Moses.

It is easy to pick out the negatives in his life, the biggest source of contention being he did not enter the promise land. To see his faults, just like he did when trying to convince God he was not the right person for the job.

But Moses had so much more to offer than his sin and shaded past. His curiosity led him to the burning bush, to an encounter with God. A God he spoke with, that the Bible says answered him by voice (Ex. 19:19), a God Who showed His glory by fire, by smoke, by a cloud, all of which encompass a person. A glory so unbearable Moses was hidden in the cleft of the rock, heard the voice of God like thunder declare His sovereignty as I AM, could only glimpse the back of His glory. Moses saw God. Saw His feet with sapphire stones under them with the “clarity of heaven” (Ex. 24:10). What a beautiful and altogether strange sight to behold.

Moses ate with God, had supper with God Himself (Ex 24:11). What it must have been like to see the glory of God and then to partake in eating with Him!

God gave Moses a glimpse of the promise land, showed him where the Hebrew children were heading. Moses went through it all- from being saved as a child at the risk of drowning in the river to killing a man to facing Pharaoh, a man many thought to be as a god, to leading a fearful and stubborn group of people for forty years and establishing the laws and religion for them as the mouthpiece of God.

And yet, we are so much like Moses. While we may not be wandering the desert literally for forty years, there are dry moments in our faith, where we are parched for the living water and cry out, “How long Lord?” When we take credit when it is not ours. When we question that God would call us to accomplish a task that seems insurmountable to us and we feel ill equipped.

But we too are set apart, a chosen generation in Christ. We too run from our sin only to be called by God to enter salvation through Jesus Christ. A God that has called us by name, has shown us what lays in store for us in eternity and calls us to help show others the way to Him and His Son.

Moses said he stuttered and yet he showed boldness. He set out on a journey that looked impossible just because God told him to and that it would work out.  Moses saw God move in ways people had not seen in generations.

I want to see God move. I want to have faith that if God tells me to do something, even if I question it and think I cannot, that I will trust that God will do it simply because He said He would.  I want His glory to be revealed in my life. I don’t need signs and miracles but I do believe that living a life for God means that I will see miracles happen, as I know I have seen before, all to testify to His glory. To live a life wide-open, obedient to His calling even if it is not what I had planned-because really what are my plans compared to His?

And in the end? “And He buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, opposite Beth Peor; but no one knows his grave to this day” (Deut. 34:6).

See that “He?” Capital letters. God. God buried Moses. Some say that no one knows where exactly because God caused the earth to quake and it cracked and Moses’ body was buried, or a sand storm blew in and covered his body. But a man that lived so close to God, that ate with Him and spoke to Him and enter into the cloud of his glory? I like to think that the God of Heaven, that formed everything with His mighty word and hand, tenderly lifted that body like an old friend, a man who He loved, and gently buried him with the proper respect due.

“But since then there has not arisen in Israel a prophet like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face” (Ex 34:10).

Face to face.

Faith like Moses to know God face to face. To know that when it is all said and done, God’s hand will carry me home. That His full glory would be revealed and I will see God and worship Him and Him alone. Faith like Moses to know God’s voice speaking to me, to do the hard things and the tedious things and the great and small things because God asked it of me. To live out my faith, to wrestle with it, to lift others up in love and encouragement and show them Jesus.

To be more open so God can move in me and not let my fears keep me from what I was made to do for God, no matter what that looks like. Raising my children. Work. Home. Friends. Family. Church. Missions. Words. Prayer.

All for Him. Through faith in Him.

Faith like Moses.