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The men wore It on their foreheads and arms. Literally. They carried the Word of God on their bodies. They wrapped themselves in prayer shawls with fringes to remind them of the Word, the Law. A law that was not made to be perfected but to prove our imperfection in keeping it and thus pointing us to a Savior who could make us perfect.

A Savior born of a virgin. Foretold by prophets of old, the Word no longer borne on men’s minds but in a woman’s womb. The first time a woman carried the Word, and she carried Him in the heart of her life-giving body. She carried the Word in her, ponder Him in her heart, felt His kicks. She was the first to know the Living Word, to be a part of the change He brought.

Jesus is not just about a baby born in a manger and pretty songs and a chance to give and get gifts. He is not about the trendy thing to do, the hustle and bustle, the food. He is about one thing: saving this world. The soul feeling its worth. Because we are worth something to Him. Every one of us is worth something to God.

Worth enough to be born a human.

Worth enough to be humbled as helpless babe.

Worth enough to fulfill every prophecy about Him so that there could be no doubt He is our Messiah.

Even worth the prophecy of torture and death.

Worth enough to die for us.

Worth enough to live again for us.

He is God’s Son and He is the Word and He is Love.

God poured out His love on the night of Christ’s birth. Giving up everything for us, allowing that moment of His first cry as babe to take place, all the while knowing He would grow to be a Man that would cry out and ask why He was forsaken, would cry out in pain and bear the weight of the sin of the world on His shoulders.

He became our Law, our Truth, our Word. Our Light and Love.

Our Life.

Christmas is not just about a baby. It is about the Babe, the holy moment when God and Man collided as one in soul and body to set in motion the salvation of us all.

The moment we could feel our worth.

Do you feel it? Do you know your worth?

I think in awe of that nativity scene, of Love come down. Of the value placed on my soul, of a God Who is jealous for me.

Christmas is about Love. It is about a holy and eternal love and it is given freely.

Starting with one Baby and stretching across generations to reach us today.

May His love pour out over you and you feel the worth of your soul given by the Creator of all things, the Creator that became the created for you.

Even if you had been the only one.

How incredible. How so like Love.

Merry Christmas indeed.