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I have had days where I woke up and just wanted to make it through the day. I trudge along, going through the motions, not really excited about anything. Other days I have great days, days of laughter with the kids, making them smile with hot chocolate, tickles, and I have time to make a good home cooked meal. Even the baby smiles on those days as opposed to others where she fusses and can’t settle.

So I am guilty too. I have lost it.

The wonder.

The amazement of the miracle of each new day. The glorious intaking of breath into the lungs, the opening of the eyes and the rising of the body. The chance to marvel at Grace and Beauty and worship Him Who is above it all, created it all, gave it all to us to marvel in.

To wonder in.

Sometimes we do it to ourselves. We get so caught up in our schedules, our lists, our wants and needs and have-to’s. Daily obligation leads to daily drudgery and we forget to pause.

Pause when the baby sleeps cradled in my arms, snuggled down to hear my heartbeat, smiling in her sleep.

Pause when my son crawls in my lap just as I was about to get up for that second cup of coffee, letting him pat my hand and cover us both with a blanket.

Pause when my daughter cries in frustration, trying to communicate with limited vocabulary, watching so much emotion come out of such a tiny body.

Seeking the wonder out.

Sometimes it just happens to us. We lose the wonder when life takes an ugly turn, when we feel like family and friends and maybe even God has left us and we are alone. When we are left feeling broken, disingenuous, like we were told a lie and all this time believed it like a fool.

We become wonder lost.

Lost to the wonder of how all things work for good.

Lost to the love notes blazed in fire across the sky and setting sun.

Lost to laughter.

Lost to all the time we were provided for, sustained, given help in time of need.

We stop looking for the wonder in life, in Him.

And I found that it is okay to ask the hard questions, to be angry and frustrated. If we don’t ask we don’t grow and if we don’t grow we become stagnant and then we lose it too.

I have watched too many people walk away from Truth, from God, because they lost the wonder. They stopped seeing the daily miracles, blinded by current circumstances and faults of themselves and others and acts of seemingly random occurrences.  They forget the promises, the healing, the joy that comes in the morning.

I have seen too many people who say they live like they know Christ and yet they are wonder lost too. They go through the motions, not really having that relationship that could mean so much more- if only they knew what they were missing!

I have been that Christian, that person, who loses the sense of wonderment.

You have to fight for it.

You have to look for the joy each day, the miracle in the moment. Re-reading that book that changed my perspective three years ago has woken me again. Current sermons at church solidify what I know to be true: God is Love. He loves us. He wants us to be more than conquerors. And He loves those that have wandered, those who are lost, those who have flat out walked away and ignored the Truth.

But His love is all around. It is like a daily hide-and-seek with the thing which we seek staring us in the face, begging to be found, to be seen.

Wonder lost can become wonder full. Emptiness can become overflowing. We just have to look. And when we find it, we can help others find it too.

Bring the lost home. Bring the love and pour it wide over aching hearts begging to be full of something other than. To be full of His grace and love and embrace.

Bring the wonder lost home again. That is my prayer. That is my desire for each person I know who has stopped seeking, stopped seeing. Because He never stops displaying His love, never stops pursuing us. Me. You.

He loves. He loves you. He cares for you and will provide for you. See the wonder of it all, the wonder of a Savior Who gave it all and gives grace each day and wants you.

Isn’t it wonderful? To be wanted, to be loved. As you are. No longer lost.