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So something amazing and scary happened early this morning. After spending almost a year of writing, deleting, writing, walking away, and starting again, I finally pressed the last button and did it.

I published.

Nothing big or fancy or groundbreaking. I don’t have an agent or an advance, barely a title to my first pursuit in publishing. But I did it.

My name is there if you search in the e-book section of Amazon, or click here.

It is a small collection of chapters that read more like separate essay pieces and are similar to content I write here on my blog. It was scary to do it, I admit. It is one thing to write, it is another to have a book of some sort, no matter how small or electronic or simple, to put out there, baring my soul and talent and hopes to an audience that chooses whether it is worth the price to read it.

I hope that you read it. I hope that I will receive feedback and will learn and grow from this experience. It is a small, tip-toe step into the water of published works, but it is a step. My venture was not as brave as others, but I hope that I have something to offer to other mothers out there.

I will still write on here of course, and plan to continue writing larger pieces of work and hopefully one day get an agent and an advance and a hard bound copy of something I wrote, smelling that new book smell and seeing my name on the front. That will be one of the most humbling and wonderful days of my life, I am sure.

But for now, with nervousness and excitement, I announce my first published work, Moments of Reflection.

Thank you and God bless,