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January 17th. That is the date that studies have shown on average is the date that most people abandon their new year resolutions. The gyms clear out, the smoothies move to the back of the freezer, books are tossed aside, and savings accounts begin to deplete once more. Making a resolution on one day and proclaiming to keep it is hard work, so hard most people cannot make it more than two weeks.

And every year it is the same thing.

Every year we make promises to ourselves that we just can’t seem to keep.

Is it a lack of motivation? Not at first. A lack of passion? Maybe- burnout happens quickly when the path is hard. A lack of resources? Possibly.

Every year people make many of the same resolutions. I do. I always resolve to write more, to be more patient, to listen more. But then life happens and another year passes and that novel I have been writing is two years in the making and not past chapter five and my patience is threadbare and the holidays come at the end of year and patience is no more and I forget to just slow down.

So this year I have decided not to make a resolution.

Not that I lack aspirations or goals or have desires to improve myself. I just want something more.

Something more than a fit body that looks good in a certain size clothing with a certain number displayed in red digital numbers on a scale.

Something more than claiming I read this many books or went to that many places.

Something more than a number attached to a bank account.

I want a revolution, not a resolution.

I want this year to be the year I am transformed into someone better, someone more Christ-like. I want to cherish others and grow a servant’s heart, to look at people as God sees them. I want more discipline in my life to seek after God, to really know Him and be awed by His greatness. I want a revolution of my heart to deny the self and seek Him.

I want a revolution in my marriage, in my relationship with each of my children. A revolt against old habits, of short tempers or exasperated sighs or fretful worrying or being consumed by what others think of me and my house and my family.

I want to love more, to be love to others. I want compassion, understanding, a heart that grows like the sand on the seashore like Solomon. I want to not make empty promises to myself that I can not keep but rather make pledges to God and to my family that I will want to keep with all my heart and soul because it is not about letting myself down this time but instead lifting up my family in prayer and trusting God to transform me.

It will have to be God’s work, the molding and the shifting of my life, but I have to be obedient. I have to desire it and desire Him and listen to His whispered call.

Obedience. Submission. Humility. Love. Servitude. Grace. A revolution of my heart, of my life.

A resolution is a decision to make a change, a resolve to solve a problem or situation. A revolution a major change in ideas in practices. I don’t want to just decide to do something, I want to really do it. I want an upset of my old habits and news one to take place this year. I want a major change in my attitude, my life, and my view of this world.

Last year brought many changes and challenges to my life as well as many blessings. I want this year to be more; I want to accept the challenges and welcome change because if one is not changing one is not growing. And if I am not growing then am I just dead in the seed before it sprouts? I want the seeds that have been planted in my heart to take root and grow. Some desires I have openly discussed here and elsewhere, others I have kept quietly in my heart, a prayer of dreams and hopes.

No more resolutions, no more decisions to do something different. It is time for a revolution, an action to take place, to make this new year more amazing and humbling and inspiring than years past. Time to upset my old ways and carve out new ones.

What do you want to revolutionize this year?

Happy New Year. May we all have an amazing and blessed year. May it be revolutionary.