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Another day passes and ends with frustration. I have been short-tempered with the kids, did not accomplish all the cleaning I wanted, did not spend enough time with my kids just playing, did not pick up a book and read it. These are small things in the grand scheme of things, but often I look at the big picture and forget these small moments, allowing them to rush by me without a thought. I get so focused on goals, what to do next, what will happen three or six months from now, that I forget to appreciate the daily treasures.

I have been working for a year now on a challenge, taking one day at a time and finding three things, three gifts, for which I am thankful. I do not always do it each day and I have to catch up the next day, but I have successfully made it through the year (thus far!). While doing this challenge, I have been challenged to take a step back and look at that which is right in front of me.

I have noticed a pattern during this year. On the days I have skipped or missed or whatever excuse I have made that day, I am not as patient. I don’t feel as grateful, don’t remind myself to slow down. I have found that I need that two minutes it takes to list three things I am thankful for, three gifts in my life right now, on this very day.

It is so easy for me, the list maker, planner, goal-driven person to forsake the trees in front of me. I worry and fret about the future, every goal with a end that meets a future need. I need to stop everyday and see the gifts around me, how they add up to something beautiful and how immensely I have been blessed but have not even taken the time to realize it.

But if I take each day to count my blessings, three at a time, the trees thicken and the forest of treasures that are my life are clearer.

Tomorrow I will be sure to take those two minutes to write three simples things down. Three beautiful things, blessed things. And I will remind myself throughout the day to slow down, enjoy the day, and pause to live the moment I am in and who I am with at this moment.