The car had to have gone into autopilot. It had to have driven itself and held me up because every part of my body and soul wanted to bend over, bend low and lay flat and worship.

It’s amazing when the presence of God can hit you.

I was on my way home from an encouraging business meeting and had Hillsong playing in my car. The music and words were moving me and I was singing along. And it was like the air grew heavy and could have been sweet if there was a scent and my heart would have leaped right out of my chest. My soul was worshipping and the notes were hugging me. God was hugging me and His love was a warm embrace.

Some people say they are not moved by music. It is not about the music necessarily but the harmony of it, the blessing on it and the passion of the words and voice singing out to our God. Worship is where I feel blessed, where I revel in the presence of God. It is where I feel peace, comfort, hope, and loved. My heart is cradled and God is hugging me and in that moment all is right.

I don’t always have these moments but they often occur in the car by myself when I am able to focus on just worshipping God as I drive along to where ever I am headed. And when I feel that moment, that “hug” from God, I have clarity in what I am meant to do, what the next step is to take on my path. There are still a lot of unknowns but I am certain of the next step.
There is no place I would rather be than in that moment.

Hugs are calming, soothing, a personal connection with the person you are embracing. When I feel my heart calmed it is like a sweet embrace, a knowledge that God is with me. Like a child who is reassured by a parent’s hug, God reassures me through the songs and the peace of His presence.

I come home, hug my children, embrace them and impart a small piece of that unconditional love from Him to them. I think of how hugs seem to solve all their problems, make them feel better, calmer, safer. I think of what it is like to hug my children and how it must be when we will enter into His glorious kingdom and see Him face to face. What it will be like when Jesus embraces us and all fear is swept away.

I’m pretty sure I have an inclination based on these small moments here with God in my car or my room or church. How I long for my children to one day know this feeling, this peace of God. I pray they feel it now when they pray for fears to go away or ouchies to heal or when my oldest prayed the mustard seed prayer of asking Jesus to live in his heart forever. Did he feel it then? Does he know the magnitude of that prayer? Does he feel God hugging his soul, loving him with an eternal love?

The next time my children pray and say they feel better or good, I will tell them how God hugs us through words and song and prayer and His Word.

And I will remember: peace is like a sweet embrace and when I need it most I can take a moment, turn on a song, and worship. I wait on the presence on the God, wait on His embrace.

Because nothing heals better than hugs.