I meandered around the backyard with the dog as he sniffed around, feeling out his new territory. It was late. I stopped and looked up and gasped.

Stars. As far as I could see there were so many stars and the sky was so clear I could not count them all.

I had almost forgotten they were up there.

It was  a moment of humility as I realized I had been so involved in my life down here on this little glorious earth in all my “important” and oh-so-human things that I had forgotten one of the things I loved most: gazing into the night sky and seeing the beauty and majesty of God right there amidst the twinkling lights. It was stunning, beautiful.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in our lives we forget the little things. But when we take a moment to enjoy those little things, we see they really are not so little at all and more important than our to-do lists and need to be involved in our own lives.

Ever try to count the stars? Impossible.

Those stars are not little if you could get close enough to touch them. Their fire lights up the night, piercing the darkness. They were intricately placed by God Himself, creating specific shapes and forms if we just connect the dots and some left to our tiny imaginations of what we see, just like clouds floating by in the day.

They are a promise from God to His people of His people, beginning with a challenge to Abraham to count them all and how many children in wonder and scientists in ego have tried and failed.

I love the stars. And I think God knew I would love stars and if I was the only one who did He would have made them anyway.

Those little moments of happiness are way more than little. They are the love song God is writing to me, to you. When we forget we no longer hear the music- just the pounding of the drum to do this and be that of our culture.

Be still. Listen.

The dog begs to go in and the mosquitoes are biting and I smile up at the sky, thanking God for the stars, for His love, for the little things.

Taking a moment to breathe in God’s love is fuel to the soul. I breathe in deep and long, not wanting to tear my eyes away from the expanse of sparkle in black velvet above me.

I go inside, get ready for bed. But my prayer is a little more sincere, reverenced by that moment with God in the stars.

Always looking for that moment. A smile from my daughter, outbursts of laughter from my sons, gathered at the table for dinner with my family, quiet pre-dawn devotional time, stars. All little moments that make this beautiful unknown a wonder to walk through, a pleasure to know I am never alone.

Be still. Listen.

Hear the love song being played for you today.