As the new year approaches, brimming with hope, new possibilities, and opportunity for growth, I decided to actually write out a new year resolution this time around. This past year has been one of tremendous growth for me and I can feel in my bones that my growing is just beginning. It is exciting and fearsome at the same time for someone who grapples at the idea of letting go and not having control of all minutia of her life- someone like me.

So with an open hand and faith as small as a mustard seed (or so I pray, at least this big!) I set out my resolutions and my heart and ask God for change.

1. Simplicity. My biggest challenge next to relinquishing control. Simplicity in all things in my life, including buying only what is needed, not always just wanted.

2. Control. Continuing to let go of it and see God move. Afterall, Him in charge is a much more secure future than me in control. It is the unknown, and it is beautiful.

3. Patience. With my children, my work, my school, and most importantly, with myself.

4. Growth. Expansion of knowledge and understanding of God and my walk with Him. Reading more, studying more, praying more, being still more and knowing that He is God more.

A few smaller ones: read more books, try new foods, take better care of my body, write more, on this blog and on my book and in my journal- just write.

Hoping that you will share yours as well. And if we fail, as many resolutions often result in failure, trying is the first step toward success.

Here’s to stepping into the beautiful unknown with you this coming year.

And it will be beautiful, walking with Christ.