The other day I bravely set forth to get all three children in the car and run a few errands, which I had strategically ensured I would not have to get the kids out of the car in order to complete these errands. When dropping off our trash at the local waste facility, the man working there asked me if I was a preacher. Confused and making sure that I had heard right, I asked, “Excuse me?” He asked again and when I replied, “No,” his response was, “You should be.” I didn’t know what to say.

He has probably said that to many others. Maybe he was saying it in the non-traditional sense in that we are all called to preach the Good News.

I drove off to my other errands, but his question echoed in my mind.

Am I preaching?

What is my example, in my own circle of friends and family? Do they see Christ in me, or me?

Looking in my rear view mirror, my heart was pierced.

How much of Christ do my children see? Do they know God’s love through me?

I know what God has laid on my heart and called me to do, but am I actively seeking it or just dreaming, waiting for it to happen? What about the in between?

That night I settled down on my children’s floor next to Isaiah’s bed and prayed with the boys. And I made a promise to God that I would preach.

Simple words from a man who couldn’t have known their impact, maybe had hoped for it but did not know.

To the least of these. To my children I will show God’s love. Self-reflection had shown me that perhaps I wasn’t doing that lately. My tone was too sharp, my patience too thin, my sigh to heavy and exasperated. This was not preaching, and if it was it was not the message I wanted to give.

Part of the beautiful unknown is never knowing when God will speak to you. It just so happened that day that God spoke to me amidst the trash I was throwing out. But that rearview mirror and that man’s words spoke to my mother’s heart, and I am listening.

Preach. Preach to these and all others in your circle, your world. Don’t wait until your “calling” happens, this is your calling too. Preach.

Preaching does not always require words, but actions often change more lives and hearts than words. Words can be spoken in shallowness, but your true heart will be exposed with actions. People can tell when you are faking your actions.

So I pray my preaching will be genuine heart and words and actions. That my preaching will be of Christ, not of me. That I will be humbled to remember that man’s words to me.

Are you a preacher? You should be.